Koa Surfboards

Surfing  is synonymous with Hawaii and was made popular in the early 1900's by Jack London's  writing about surfing called “The sport of Kings”. Surfing was further brought to the world's  attention by the famous Olympic champion swimmer and surfer, Duke Kahanamoku whom is often referred to as The Father of Modern Surfing.  These men breathed a new life into this sport and changed the history of surfing in Hawaii. 

Style Hawaii is proud to introduce our "Ancient Hawaii" surfboard collection which are fine replicas of vintage wooden surfboards and longboards. Traditional boards were shaped from different types of wood and ranged in size from a few feet to more than 16 feet long. Surfing also had a very spiritual element - from rituals involved with building a surfboard to the art of riding the waves and praying for good surf. 

Longing for bygone days and the "Old Hawaii"? Now you can celebrate this tradition of surfing with a Koa surfboard from Hawaii! Proudly displayed in your home or office, it will add Hawaiian elegance and old world charm to your room and give you a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment.