12" Tiki Totems - Premium Set of 8 Tiki Gods - Natural

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This is a premium set of 8, hand carved tiki totems. These statues represent the Hawaiian tiki gods, Ku, Kane, Kuka Ilimoku, Lono, Kanaloa, Akua Kai, Maori Warrior, Big Island tiki- tikis of love, strength, prosperity, the ocean and luck.

The originals of these statues are found in the Hawaii Museum on Oahu. These replicas are hand carved from premium Acacia Koa Wood (also known as Monkey Pod Wood) which is a hard dense wood and perfectly suitable for indoors or outdoors. Each tiki statue has been hand waxed to give it a beautiful finish and smooth patina.

- Size: 12"

- Material: Acacia Koa Wood - Natural

- Hand carved

Original: Hawaii Museum, Hawaii

- Provenance: Kona 


These artfully sculpted tiki statues would be perfect for a Hawaiian or tropical decor theme in your home, tiki bar or on your patio or as garden decor or by your pool.  Place them by your entrance to protect your home and welcome your guest with Aloha!

 Great as a trophies or as Corporate gifts.