30" x 30ft Bulk Rain Cape Thatch Roll - Commercial grade

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Item# TR30X30
Mexican Rain Cape Roof Thatching makes it effortless to convert ordinary structures into tropical island retreats with its shaggy fringe thatch exterior and woven knotted interior.  
These are commercial grade quality thatch rolls which means it is a lot thicker, heavier and will last longer.  Measurement :  30" x 30ft  x 1" thick and weighs 25 lbs per roll. Longevity is  5-6 years outdoors; indefinitely indoors.
- Commercial Grade
- Mexican Rain Cape Thatch
- 30" x 30ft roll
- Easy to use; cut with scissors, attach with staple gun or wire ties

Easy to use: 
Thatch rolls can be cut, using scissors, to any shape between the knots without unraveling. Kind of like cutting a fish net.  There are several ways to attach the thatch to the roof. The preferred method should be done with a staple gun and galvanized staples. Depending on the sub roof, meaning the thickness of plywood the recommended staples should be 1/2” to 3/4”. If your structure is seasonal, and you plan on removing the top for winter storage, zip lock ties are the best alternative for attachment. This, will allow you to remove the thatch with little to no damage to the material.

Determining How Much Thatch:

If using the 30" x 60 ft rolls, a good rule of thumb, is to take the total square footage to be covered and double it (for a double layer of thatch). Each roll measures about 114 square feet (excluding the fringe), so divide the total by 114 and then add 10 or 15% for overlapping and overhang. The result is the approximate number of rolls needed for your project.

An easy way to change the look of a room and to bring some island style to your patio or pool bar. TRANSFORM your tiki bar or luau into the TROPICAL PARADISE you've always wanted! 
This is THE REAL THING!!  Get yours today!