Ali`I Koa Knuckle Duster 9" W/ Shark Teeth Black Feathers

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Here is a Hawaiian Shark Teeth club or knuckle duster with inlay shark teeth, made out of KOA. This beautiful piece of art is 9" long. There are a total of 8 authentic bull shark teeth, the wood used for this specific item is Koa from the Big Island, sennit roping from Fiji and rooster feathers

* Traditional knuckle duster: Hawaiian war club
* Wood: Koa from the Big island
* Brown feathers
* Size: 9" X 5" X 1"
* Material: shark teeth, sennit rope from Fiji, rooster feathers
* Made in Hawaii
* Great conversation piece
* Collectible

 The combination of premium materials and high quality finish add to the old world Hawaiian charm of this club.  Displayed in your home or office, this Hawaiian spear will give you a life time of pleasure and enjoyment. Start your collection today! 

Also a great gift idea with much Aloha...