Bamboo Fountain and Pump Kit -36" CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

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The simple, versatile design of our bamboo water spouts can transform any container into a tropical water garden. Just add our spout and pump kit to any container and you have a water fountain. Adorn the fountain with slate, river rock, lily pads, lucky bamboo or anything you fancy... The process of creation is both fun and rewarding.

BAMBOO SPOUT SIZES  are available in 4 sizes depending on the size of your container.

SMALL: 7" spout fits 6" - 15" diameter bowl.

MEDIUM: 12" spout fits 10" - 20" diameter bowl.

LARGE: 18" spout fits 15" - 30" diameter bowl

EXTRA LARGE: 24" spout fits 28"+ diameter bowl

Each spout is adjustable for the depth of the bowl by moving the support arms up or down.

Submersible pump: The pump is a sealed 110V, 70 gallon per hour, adjustable (for speed of water-flow) pump with a two prong plug. Ready to plug in and use.

Bamboo: Since we use only solid bamboo (as opposed to hollow bamboo), the product is crack resistant and very durable in harsh climates. By touching and holding the water spout, the quality and craftsmanship is apparent.

Top ten great uses for creative water gardening:

- Transform a special container into a tropical paradise

- FENG SHUI: running water promotes wealth and abundance

- Create your own private tropical hideaway

- Cats and dogs love running water

- Birds are attracted to water movement

- A great, inexpensive gift idea with MUCH ALOHA

- Bamboo brings tranquility to a hectic work space

- The happy gurgling sound drowns out traffic noise

- Create an instant Zen water garden with plants and fish

- Add an exotic touch to your existing pond

How to Make the Ideal Sound:

Since sound is a very important aspect of your fountain, you might want to fine-tune the setup in order to optimize the sound. The pump’s water flow rate is adjustable, so you can play with what sounds best in your environment. Sometimes, you can also adjust the height of the water drop to make more or less sound. Lastly, you can change the contact surface where the water lands by adding stones or other materials

A word on -  Wabi Sabi -  Perfectly Imperfect:

The idea of a bamboo water fountain is to create beauty from nature. Bamboo is an imperfect material that is hard to work with. It’s non-uniform shape, varying appearance and numerous blemishes are all part of what makes bamboo such an incredibly beautiful plant. Here is a description of Wabi Sabi: “The Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. It’s simple, slow and uncluttered – and it reveres authenticity above all. It celebrates cracks and crevices and all the other marks that time, weather, and loving use leave behind.