Bronze Hula Girl Sculpture - WAHINE KAHIKO - Limited Edition of 100

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This elegant, Wahine Kahiko Bronze Hula Girl Statue brings the true aloha spirit into your home. Crouching in her dance pose, this graceful dancer illustrates the drama and mystic of the Hawaiian Hula dancer.  Her skirt is the ti leaf worn by those dancers who dance the ancient Kahiko style of Hawaiian dance.

- Height: 12.5"

- Width: 10" 

- Base 7" 

- Weight:  approximately 22 pounds.

- Limited edition of 100 in series

- Care Instructions: Dust with micro-fiber cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents


The Hula is part of the soul of Hawaii. The graceful movements symbolizes the connection with our ancestors and our connection with the land. This elegant hula girl statue captures the beauty and essence of the hula in the true aloha spirit.  It will provide a lifetime of enjoyment when prominently displayed in your home or office.