Gil Porcelain Figurines- Spearman and Cascading Lei -Ceramic Set

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Spearman and Cascading Lei are part of our line of Gil Fine Porcelain miniature ceramic sets that will grace any Hawaiiana collection. This mysterious artist, only known as Gil, is believed to have come to the Islands in the early 30's or 40's from the San Francisco Bay area. His distinctive style of airbrush, and retro images, evoke the early days of America's romance with the Islands and the "old Hawaii" feeling that permeated the art in Waikiki after the war. 


- Height: 4"   

- Each fine porcelain figurine set comes packaged in a beautiful gift box


Longing for the "Old Hawaii" and bygone days? This miniature ceramic Spearman and Cascading Lei figurine make the perfect pair and will add elegance and old world charm to any room.  Give a Gil porcelain statue set and give a gift with much Aloha...  or start your own fine porcelain figurine collection today!