Hawaiian Baby Quilt - OCEAN FRIENDS - Green

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Hawaii is synonymous with the ocean and underwater creatures.  This baby quilt has a sea animals theme and features some extraordinary underwater scenes from the Hawaiian islands.  Note the octopus, sea horse, tropical fish, star fish, dolphin and turtle (a symbol of longevity in the pacific islands).  Who would not want to wake up in the nursery with these adorable, friendly ocean friends?

This quilted baby blanket would add a relaxed feeling of tranquility to baby's crib and the nursery. It can also be used as wall hanging to add a Hawaiian island theme to baby's room.  Make learning about sea creatures fun with these exotic themes!

- Measurement:  45" X 54"

- Polyester/cotton blend

- Easy to care for and machine washable


These baby blankets are soft and comfortable against baby's skin. Each baby quilt comes with loops  for a dowel set in the back for easy wall hanging as nursery decor.  Ideal for baby girl or boy.