Hawaiian Hula Lamp - Dancing Girl - KILOHINANI (Heavenly Gaze)

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Kilohinani, our hula girl (Heavenly Gaze) is swaying her hips in effortless motion and perfect unison with her hands and feet.  One could almost hear the ukuleles playing!  A beautiful bedside light or table top lamp by renowned artist Kim Taylor Reese.  The lampshade is a rich dark espresso wicker lamp shade placed on an antique finish base. 


- Height: 24"

- Espresso Wicker Lampshade

- UL Listed and approved 



Decorating Hawaiian style or with a tropical theme?  These elegant hula table lamps will add "old-world" Hawaiian charm to your room.  Charm your guests with Kilohinani  and her tradition of Hawaiian hula dancing or sit back and relax while you imagine her doing her graceful dance. 


Perfect for your home or office.  Also a great gift with much Aloha!