Hawaiian Quilt Bedspread - Contemporary MONSTERA

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The Ulu Nui Collection is our latest creation of Fine Contemporary Design Hawaiian Bedding. These bedspreads are hand appliqued but using a wider and running stitch. The Ulu Nui  bed quilts are in keeping with the traditional Hawaiian style of quilting but with a more contemporary flavor to them.

We have gone a step further as we now offer rich Shantung Silk from China into the fabric choices. With the use of  Shantung Silk the quilt  takes on an exquisite display of both hand craftsmanship in the quilting and a dramatic use of one of the finest materials for bedding. Shantung Silk is easy to care for and launder. These Bedspread Quilts are very special and are guaranteed to  elevate your room to a feel of Royalty!


Nothing says "Hawaii" quite like the verdant, lush, tropical  green leaves of the monstera plant.   Monstera plants are found in all the islands and are often used as decorations for celebrations and festivals.  The bold design looks stunning in many color combinations. Monstera design is one of our favorite patterns. 

 It is shown here in hunter green on and off-white background.  We  can special order this pattern for you in any color combination you prefer.  The more traditional color is the deep hunter green but it also looks fantastic in other colors and combined with rich wood furniture, it will add a touch of  tropical elegance to any room.  


Standard quilt sizes are as follows:

Twin: (71 x 101) 

Full: (86" x 102") 

Queen: (92" x 106") 

King: (108" x 108") 

Cal King: (120" x 120")


We can also special order a bedspread for you in custom sizes to accommodate your specific needs.  Please contact us for any questions, color charts and swatches: 808-963-6700.  We're delighted to help!