Hawaiian Quilt Bedspread- TUBEROSE PIKAKE

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Two of Hawaii’s most beloved and fragrant flowers, the Tuberose and Pikake are known for their heavenly scent and delicate beauty and are found in many gardens around the islands.  They're frequently used for special occasion leis and flower arrangements.  The Tuberose Pikake design beautifully  illustrates the grace and elegance of the Hawaiian Quilt. Note the lace like border around the quilt and the dramatic floral pattern in the center of the quilt.   

We can special order this pattern for you in any color combination you prefer. The Tuberose Pikake design lends itself beautifully to many  color choices and a bedspread displayed like this is nothing short of stunning! It will definitely add  a piece of Hawaii and tropical warmth and elegance to your home.

 Standard quilt sizes are as follows:

Twin: (71 x 101) 

Full: (86" x 102") 

Queen: (92" x 106") 

King: (108" x 108") 

Cal King: (120" x 120")

Hawaiian Quilting is world famous for its dramatic “Kapa Lau” or bed quilts. Each quilt is hand quilted by Master Quilters, taught in the traditional Hawaiian style of quilting, each with many years of quilting experience and a love of quilting. Each Quilt has over 250,000 stitches and average 6-8 stitches per inch. The term "Hawaiian quilt refers to the method by which the quilt is made. The design is appliquéd, using the hidden or "blind" stitch method, onto the background material. It is then quilted with a ripple or echo pattern. Every piece is handmade with great care to insure your total satisfaction.

 We have a wide selection of patterns and sizes available but we can also order a Bed Quilt to be made especially for you. We're happy work with your dimensions, and color preferences to suit your unique style and to make the perfect quilt for you.

Please contact us for any questions, color charts and swatches: 808-963-6700 or  We're delighted to help!