Koa Paddle - Watermarks - Premium AAA - Straight Shaft (3408)

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This is an authentic Koa outrigger canoe paddle from Hawaii, made out of premium, AAA grade, curly Koa wood. Paddle cost is dependent on the amount of color, curl, and character of the wood.

The paddle measures 60" tall and the blade measures 18 inches X 12 inches and features a straight shaft. This premium paddle has extraordinary curl in the wood and beautiful light and dark color contrast in the grain.

These functional, handmade canoe paddles are designed to be proudly displayed in your home or office and will give you a life-time of pleasure. They will add elegance and Hawaiian style to any room. 

Each Koa paddle is unique with respect to color, curl, & character of the wood. You'll receive the exact same paddle as in the pictures.  What you see is what you get!

Our Koa paddles are made by a Master Paddle Maker and each one is a unique treasure from Hawaii.

Also a great gift with much Aloha...