Set of 2 Tiki Statues - Love, Luck, Prosperity and Health - 24"

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This is a premium set of two, hand carved tiki statues. These statues represent the Hawaiian tiki gods, Ku, Kane, Lono and Kanaloa - tikis of love, strength, prosperity, health, abundance and luck. Each tiki statue has been hand carved with great attention to detail and hand waxed to give it a beautiful finish and smooth patina.

- Size: 24" tall x 8" wide

- The back of the tiki totems statue are flat so that it can  be mounted on a wall.

 - Material:  Wood

- Hand carved


 These artfully sculpted tiki statues would be perfect for a Hawaiian or tropical decor theme in your home, tiki bar or on your patio or as garden decor or by your pool.  Place them by your entrance to protect your home and welcome your guest with Aloha!

Also a great gift idea with much Aloha...