Hawaiian Hula Statue - ALOHA (Greeting) Cold Caste Bronze Color

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Aloha, our beautiful island hula girl, greets and extends a warm welcome to visitors with out-stretched arms.  This elegant hula girl statue by renowned artist Kim Taylor Reece, captures the beauty and essence of the hula in the true aloha spirit. The Hula is part of the soul of Hawaii. The graceful movements symbolizes the connection with our ancestors and our connection with the land.


- Height: 13" tall

- Material: Cold Caste Resin



Are you decorating with an Hawaiian theme or do you simply want to add a little tropical warmth to your home? This beautiful dancing hula girl sculpture would add an "old world" touch to any room. Charm your guests and delight your family with Aloha and her  Hawaiian graceful hula pose. 

Perfect  for your home or office.  Also a great gift idea with much Aloha!