Hawaiian Hula Statue - Kamalani (Chief's Child)

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Kamalani, our male dancer and Chief's Child has his arms out-stretched to the heavens in thanks and praise.   In true Hawaiian style, he wears a lei around his neck and grass skirt. This elegant hula statue by renowned artist Kim Taylor Reese, captures the beauty and essence of the hula in the true aloha spirit. 

- Height: 13" tall

- Material: Cold Caste Resin


 Are you decorating with an Hawaiian theme or do you simply want to add a little tropical warmth to your home? This beautiful hula sculpture would add an "old world" touch to any room. Charm your guests and delight your family with Kamalani and his a graceful hula pose.

Perfect  for your home or office.  Also a great gift idea with much Aloha!